Michael Swinarski

Michael Swinarski

Deputy CISO at CorVel Corporation

Michael is an collaborative and innovative leader, experienced in guiding IT Security strategy, program governance, and team development. Driven to build cooperative Cybersecurity cultures, though business alignment, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. Always interested in finding unique solutions through positive debate and discussion, he may have a bit too much to talk about after being in quarantine for nearly two years.

Presentation Abstract

Have You ZAP’ed a Vendor Today? A case for responsible disclosure in vendor risk assessments

Most Third-Party Risk Management programs include engagements filled with collecting audit reports and certifications, completing surveys, and drafting contractual agreements. But are you finding the gaps in your vendors security program? This presentation (based on a true story) is an example of some things that might be learned when your vendor has a responsible disclosure program, and you have OWASP ZAP on your desktop.