Jet Anderson

Jet Anderson

Code Doctor at Amazon

Jet’s passion is teaching today’s software developers to write secure code as part of modern DevOps pipelines, at speed, and at scale, without missing a beat. He’s been a software engineer for over 20 years and believes that fixing security bugs is better than just finding them.

Presentation Abstract

Can You Keep a Secret?

Jet Anderson, also known as “Code Doctor” in AppSec circles, is a Secure Software Architect and CSSLP, with experience developing secure software solutions for numerous fortune 500 companies for over 20years. He recently co-authored the OWASP Secrets Management Cheat Sheet and in this talk he’ll review general guidance, how to manage secrets in CI/CD pipelines, encryption, detection, and how to handle incidents when secrets get exposed.

If you answer “no” to any of these questions you need to attend this presentation.

* Are you 100% successful at keeping secrets out of code? * Do developers at your company know where and how to manage every kind of secret? * Can you rotate secrets automatically, without a human ever seeing the secret?