Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott

Founding Product Manager, Endor Labs

Jamie Scott, CISSP, CCSP is a recovering cybersecurity practitioner turned product manager building the next generation of dependency management solutions at Endor Labs. Previously Jamie was Product Manager at Redis and StackRox (Acquired by Red Hat in Feb 2021) where he was an open source contributor and leader for both projects. Jamie remains an active contributor to the cybersecurity community as co-author and contributor to several benchmarks as a volunteer consultant for the Center for Internet Security

Presentation Abstract

Jamie Scott - The dark side of open source productivity

There is a dark side to productivity with open source. In modern applications, the majority of code on which an application is built isn’t code written by your team. Modern applications are built on the backs of volunteer communities and open-source software. These volunteers and their software delivery practices all become potential attack vectors. The truth is that most organizations do not factor open-source supply chain attacks into their organization’s threat models today. Security incidents such as the CodeCov bash uploader script, the npm colors, and faker intentionally introduced malicious commits, and the recent PyPi backdoors targeting AWS credentials highlight the impact of supply chain attacks as a scalable attack pattern. To spread awareness on supply chain attacks so that organizations can scalably handle them we propose baking supply chain attacks into existing threat modeling procedures and software development culture so that organizations can champion supply chain management of open source in the places where they are most impactful, at development time. We will present a comprehensive, comprehensible, and technology-agnostic taxonomy of attack vectors, created on the basis of hundreds of real-world incidents and validated by experts in the domain. Following, we will discuss the types of defenses you can put in place to detect and respond to such modern day attacks and how you can work these defenses in based on your program’s maturity.