Gary Schneir

Gary Schneir

VP Software Architecture at Ubiq Security

Gary Schneir has over 35 years of experience in the technology industry with a concentration in cryptography and software architecture and design. This provides him with a deep understanding of how to build secure, resilient software and systems and leveraging cryptography in safe and effective ways. Gary is very passionate about simplifying cryptography and encryption, so that software developers and security teams across the globe can build security into their products and applications by design. Gary is co-inventor on 18 approved and granted patents and has spent his career serving both the private and public sectors, including classified work for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Presentation Abstract

Format Preserving Encryption – How to Encrypt Sensitive Data Without Restructuring Your Database

Provide an overview of Format Preserving Encryption and provide enough information for developers to understand the concepts, advantages, and disadvantages compared to more commonly recognized AES ciphers.

Walk through different data encryption ciphers/algorithms and help developers understand the differences and which to use when deciding how to encrypt and secure their data. Many developers are becoming familiar with terms such as AES and using it as the default for anything that needs to be encrypted only to later realize it doesn’t always fit their needs for existing applications, storage, workflows. Format Preserving Encryption, FPE, is a NIST standard that developers need to be aware of that can be used to solve their encryption/data security needs without having to rewrite major portions of their application, data storage, or workflow.