Dana Epp

Dana Epp

Dana Epp is a builder and breaker of software who has spent over 30 years helping to secure software, data, and infrastructure as a security architect and offensive security engineer.

When he’s not helping to build and grow software companies focused on developing security tools, he’s advising others on how to build and break their applications and environments.

As both a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Security MVP, he spends a great deal of time on security (de)engineering, teaching developers, testers, and hackers how to improve their approach to application security.

Presentation Abstract

Talk - How to Reverse Engineer an Undocumented API

You will have to come to the talk to find out!!

Workshop - The Art of Finding Security Vulnerabilities in Code

Discover the secrets to uncovering hidden security flaws in your code at our hands-on workshop, ‘The Art of Finding Security Vulnerabilities in Code.’

Designed for developers, testers, security professionals, and tech enthusiasts, this session delves into the techniques and tools essential for identifying potential vulnerabilities at the code level.

Join us for an engaging experience that combines theory with practical exercises, enhancing your skills and understanding of application security.


  • Bring a laptop with a web browser, a text editor, git, and the ability to install CLI tools. If using Windows, pre-install WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).
  • For a better experience, the laptop should have Docker Desktop installed. (Preferred, but not required)