Coleen Coolidge

Coleen Coolidge

CISO Advisor

A seasoned security professional with 19 years of experience, Coleen champions a holistic approach to cybersecurity. They recognize the interconnectedness of various security pillars, including application security, cloud security, incident response, and physical security. Coleen emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded security practice for building trustworthy products and services. They believe strong executive sponsorship is crucial for success, and actively seeks to collaborate with companies that prioritize positive security outcomes.

Beyond technical expertise, Coleen prioritizes fostering a thriving security team. They acknowledge the scarcity of top talent, and advocate for nurturing and challenging skilled individuals. Their leadership philosophy revolves around removing roadblocks and enabling security practitioners to make a tangible impact. Coleen finds immense satisfaction in guiding teams toward progress and demonstrably reducing risks. They view a successful security team as the cornerstone of a resilient and reliable business.

Driven by a passion for data protection, Coleen embarked on a security career with the aim of safeguarding sensitive information. They believe every customer deserves robust security measures to protect their data privacy. Their experience spans diverse environments, from data providers to startups, and their journey has been enriched by valuable lessons learned from past leaders. Coleen takes pride in mentoring and empowering security professionals, many of whom have risen to leadership positions themselves. Their enthusiasm for the field is evident in their dedication to building strong security practices.

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