Chitra Dharmarajan

Chitra Dharmarajan

Senior Director, Security & Privacy Engineering at Auth0

Chitra Dharmarajan is a cyber security leader with experience in Product Security, Privacy Engineering & Solutions Architecture encompassing Network, Cloud Infrastructure, Application & Container service security.

Over the past 20 years she has donned different hats in Silicon Valley technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, General Electric, Argo AI & Box. At present, she is working for Okta | Auth0 and heading the Security and Privacy Engineering initiatives. As an innovative technical leader, she has efficiently managed cross-geographical teams to successfully deliver secure development lifecycle, data governance, privacy engineering, penetration testing, product development, and release management initiatives. With her forward-thinking vision, she strives for a continuous validation framework, which allows to detect and reduce product security issues. She’s also created a community of white-hat security researchers and accredited security validation partners who have become an extension of Product Security initiatives.

She contributes as a micro-mentor in startup accelerator programs, focusing exclusively on scaling organizations with the best technology to achieve sustainable business models. She is actively engaged with ND-ISAAC. She volunteers in her community and spends her free time teaching Hindi & Tamil language to Bay Area children with Indian origin.

Presentation Abstract

Scaling Up the Security Posture in a Hyper Growth Environment and Daunting Talent Gap

Have you ever wondered how much data is being processed by compute nodes in a connected eco system and its influence on data driven decisions in future technology? Are you worried that a single exploit can impact millions of connected systems, which are running the same software? Are you a security professional tasked with building a holistic security program encompassing secure by design concept, secure product development, security in post production operations? Are you on the lookout for industry best practices to scale the security posture of your organization?

This session will hone in on precisely those questions. Whether you are a newbie in the security engineering world, an expert, or a curious developer of products/services - this session will appeal to the entire security conscious gamut of audience.

Security Engineering is constantly evolving with industry best practices for scale & frictionless adoption across the business. In this session we will discuss about comprehensive security engineering approach for the same, starting from design to decommissioning of a product / service. Attendees will walk away with useful information about how to scale the security posture by optimizing processes, incorporating automation, leveraging support from security champions and foster a steady pipeline of talent pool