Brian Reed

Brian Reed

Chief Mobility Officer, NowSecure Mobile

Brian Reed leads the mobile innovation and DevSecOps charge at NowSecure helping orgs deliver high quality secure mobile apps faster. He brings decades of experience in mobile, apps, security, dev, testing, and operations helping Fortune 2000 global customers, federal agencies, and mobile innovators.

Brian is a compelling storyteller, speaker, and writer including Droidcon, AllDayDevOps, OWASP, DevOpsWorld, DevOps Days, RSA, Mobile World Congress, FS-ISAC, and more.

Brian is a graduate of Duke University.

Presentation Abstract

Brian Reed - Mobile Rules the World - Jump into Mobile AppSec with the OWASP MAS Project

Mobile apps dominate all digital time spent online - but mobile AppSec programs often lag. Jumpstart your team and skills by stepping inside the OWASP Mobile AppSec Project (MAS) to learn about the fundamentals of mobile app security and the latest updates just released in OWASP MASVS V2 launched at OWASP Global AppSec in Dublin. Learn the differences in mobile AppSec vs. web AppSec and how to put OWASP MAS project, tools, and resources to work. In this session, we will drill down into the top 5 most frequent security issues found in testing thousands of mobile apps. Learn how to test for them and how to teach your dev teams to prevent them with code examples, test examples, links to additional resources, and how to build your own toolkit. Along the way, we will hit the latest privacy and security updates with iOS and Android. The Web Rocks… but Mobile Rules - Come join us!